Best diet pills

best diet pills

Welcome to the first day of your journey to long lasting and healthy weight loss. I hope you will find this web site as your guide to improving your personal health and wellness. Perhaps you have come to this journey with only a few pounds to lose, perhaps you recently had a baby and would like to lose that pesky pregnancy weight in a healthy way. Maybe you overindulged over the holidays, or just lost track here and there and it added up. Even if -and especially if- you have a lot to lose this is the place and the journey for you. There are so many different diet plans and weight loss programs out there. Some of them are completely contrary to themselves and to everything that our basic nutrition requires.

Some are even downright unsafe and unhealthy. Here I am all about safe and healthy weight loss. I’ll put it to you straight. I am no nutritionist. I am no dietician. I am simply a woman who found herself fed up with the dizzying array of choices. I wanted healthy weight loss.

I wanted long lasting weight loss. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t a quick fix. I made changes every day. Changes that over the course of two years added up to a total of 80+ lbs lost. I am also a busy mum, if I can do it, so can you. You owe it to yourself, and to your family.

In my own personal journey I learned what I should and shouldn’t eat. I learned how the “diet” industry keeps us coming back for more while we continue to get fatter. I learned the connection between food and health and wellness. I felt more and more that I wanted to not only share my success with others but I wanted to share what I had learned. How I learned healthy weight loss can be for life. I wanted to dispel the rumors, separate the good from the bad, and pay it forward. So whatever brought you here please stay a while.

Read the information I am providing. Whatever you do please make at least one change today towards being a healthier you. Keep coming back and I will keep filling your mind with knowledge so you can fill your body with the right stuff and eventually you too will have life long healthy weight loss. Stick around and a great place to start is by reading my own personal Healthy Weight Loss Success Story. I hope it will help inspire you. Find out how I lost stubborn weight. How I lost baby/pregnancy weight, lost emotional eating weight and lost weight from years of poor food choices and a lazy lifestyle.

Discover what I gained too as it is even more important than what I lost. You too can gain perspective and confidence. Gain knowledge about your body. Most importnatly you too can gain an attitude that tells you every day that you are worth that workout and worth fuelling your body with nothing less that what it deserves.

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