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As a Registered Dietitian and a person that loves to eat I know that it can be difficult to balance eating and healthy eating. The good news is that eating healthy can be a reality; it can even be easy, budget friendly and delicious. I love going to the movies but whenever I'm there I always want to get popcorn and a soda. What can I get instead that would help me stay on my weight loss diet?

Even if you get popcorn without the butter you are looking at somewhere between 300 and 1,100 calories, depending on what size you get. Popcorn is a healthy whole grain but when it's popped in oil, like at the theater, it becomes a less healthy option. If your local theater offers air popped popcorn go for it (without the butter that is). Many theaters are now offering healthier snacking options such as baked chips and dried fruit.

Pick up a bottle of water instead of a soda and save another 150 to 400 calories. If you want to avoid the concession stand altogether pop in a piece of gum or strong mint while you're buying your ticket and walk right past the treats.